We believe that prayer is a vital part of the Christian life. In addition to encouraging prayer in the personal lives of our congregation, we include prayers of thanksgiving and intercession in our Sunday services and prayer for local Baptist Churches and our link organisations.

Many of our services also include opportunities for worshippers to come forward for personal prayer. This might cover such matters as health, work-related issues, family life, and relationships among other topics.

Prayer happens in our weekly connect groups as well as weekly prayer before the Sunday Service, at 9.30am.

We also produce a devotional prayer guide every week to help you connect with Scripture at a deeper level. Click on the link below to open the relevant talk and, after watching it, work through the prayer guide following its PACTS framework.

Finally, write down what God says to you and make a note to come back to it for encouragement and confirmation in the future!

21st – 27th November 2021


Prayer Guide